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Puppy/Dog jumping during greetings outside

Hi Julie!

Thank you for contacting us.  Cody is doing well now walking–coming, sitting, fetching, etc.  HOWEVER, our biggest challenge is his jumping on people.  He just LOVES people and while he will sit well, etc., he just cannot contain himself.  I have read your info about people coming to your house, etc. but our issue is just being “out” as we have a travel trailer and meet people walking, etc.  On leash he is just straining to get to them and will ignore sit as he is just dying to greet them.  He also likes to jump up on us.  “Off” doesn’t really cut it to get him to stop it.  People have suggested—can with pennies in it–rattle it when they jump?  Or a water/vinegar spray when they jump.  I haven’t tried either but was going to write to you for advice. This jumping is bad as he is getting bigger and could easily knock someone down.  He responds well to treats but ignores all just to greet people. We would appreciate any suggestions per this.  Thank you.







My Answer:


Hi Sue!


Great to hear from you!  Cody sounds like he is doing really really well for such a young age-YOU should be very proud of yourself for that accomplishment!  I am proud of you!!


In regards to your training him to stop jumping you’ll need to first do some training setups before you do the real thing. 


  1. Put him on collar and leash.
  2. Practice walking up to people (you can get some friends to help)and then when he begins to jump you say “OFF” and quickly move away off to the side away from the person he wants to greet.  You repeat this over and over until he understands that all 4 paws need to be on the ground to get attention and for you to pet him.


**The idea here is that he does not get to have the attention when he jumps.  For this to work it is essential that he DOES get attention and petting when he doesn’t jump.  Your timing is important here so set this up when you are actually doing it as a training session, not when you really need to talk with someone.  If you practice this well and consistently it won’t take you too long to teach him that he only gets pet when he isn’t jumping.   


**Another important tip:  if you sometimes allow people to pet him when he is jumping then you won’t fix the problem completely.  I know this sounds tough but if you stick it out seriously for a couple weeks he should understand.   When you greet people just explain you are training him and they’ll understand what you are doing. 


Also make sure you are consistent about petting him when he does approach you or others and is well-behaved…because this will be his “payment” for not jumping.


If you are very clear that when he approaches and jumps he is taken away and doesn’t receive petting, but when he approaches well with no jumping he does get pet you’ll be on the road to success!

If you find he approaches someone, doesn’t jump and so gets rewarded with petting, but then does jump during the petting, you also need to say “OFF” and move away the same and repeat. 


**It is VERY important that you repeat until he doesn’t jump for this to be successful as well.  If you just take him away and don’t repeat he won’t learn what you are trying to teach.


I have a lot of confidence you’ll be able to accomplish this and I would love to hear how it goes!


Let me know you received this and good luck with it!


Talk soon,