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How to Control Your Excited Dog and Prevent the Barking —

How to Control Your Excited Dog and Prevent the Barking

Hi Julie

I am in Australia but used to do rescue in the US. I have a 8 year old red heeler x beagle who is an excitable barker. I love to take my guys to the local dog beach but she just runs around and barks at all the other dogs, especially when they are playing ball with their owners. She is fine when I put her on the lead but that kind of defeats the purpose of being able to run around at the beach, she is also fine when there are no other dogs at the beach. I would love to stop this problem so we and all the others that love the beach can have a peaceful time there. Thanks in advance.



Hi Cathy,


Great to hear from an Australian!  Lucky dogs to go to the beach, how fun!  What is happening is your dog is getting into such an excitable state that she doesn’t know how to control herself which is why she goes into the barking frenzy-so I would suggest that you practice some obedience before you even let her off the leash.  With obedience you’ll be teaching her how to have that control.   This can give her a chance to calm herself before she goes into her frenzy.  Try doing some positive obedience a distance away from other dogs and slowly try building up her control by moving closer.  Practice as far away as you need to be to get her focus on you and then over time work closer and closer.   She must have her attention on you during the obedience and if it isn’t move farther away until you have her attention.  When you do decide to let her off leash again practice recalls and obedience intermittently so as to get her attention.  Watch her closely and if you see her go into that exited state again get her back on leash, move a distance away and do the obedience.  If you getting her attention often you’ll help to prevent that frenzied state.  Over time, she’ll learn that she can control herself, please you, and have a good time all at the same time.  It can take some time to work on this, and you probably won’t solve it in one trip to the beach but with some practice and patience you can teach her to enjoy herself and you will feel a lot happier too!


Good luck and let me know how it goes!




Hi Julie,

Thanks so much Julie and happy thanksgiving (that was my favorite holiday while living in the US).
I’ll let you know how we go, I think we have a lot of work to do :-)

kind regards


You are most welcome!  You can do it, I know you can!  I’m here if you need any advice or encouragement.


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