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Teaching Your Dog to be Calmer at the Dog Park

Q: Wow that’s a ton of help, thanks so much Julie! I will definitely work with both of my pups! Luckily, coal is great with Saya so we can get her properly socialized. We will organize a nice puppy get together for her on weekends to work on socializing! She doesn’t really bite at all, just does the normal spinning in circles and jumping. She responds great to “no” and “bed.” I like using the bed as calm down spot! So for people asking about how to calm a dog down, calm down spot like a bed or crate is great!

So as far as calming signals for Coal and calming him down, are there any specific tips for doing that. He gets VERY over stimulated that is probably another reason he rubs other dogs the wrong way. When at the dog park, he barrels over full speed and circles the other dog and then runs up at their face and licks them so I think he is making other dogs nervous. Sorry so many questions! It’s so nice to get a professional’s help! I think both my pups would benefit from a dog training/socializing class! Thanks again!


Julie’s Answer:

Subject: Teaching your dog to be calmer at the dog park.

Hi again! I’m so glad you found my other advice to you helpful! As far as getting your dog to be calmer before entering the dog park…one of the most important things you can do when you have a dog that is overly excited in the dog park is to exercise your dog BEFORE entering. It’s a misconception that dog parks are the place that a dog should get their exercise. Dog parks are for socializing. When dogs enter a dog park in an overly excited state of mind filled with pent up energy, problems often arise. If you want to go to dog parks with your dog, I would highly suggest that you really tire him out before letting him go inside. One of the biggest reasons dogs develop behavior problems are because they are not getting their energy drained enough daily. Most dogs need a lot more exercise then they are getting and overly excited dogs need even more!

Secondly, I would suggest practicing some obedience with your dog daily. Obedience teaches dogs control and helps calm them through that control. Plus, if you notice your dog getting too wound up in the dog park, you can call them over to you and ask for a “down stay” until you feel they have relaxed a bit before letting them loose again. Obedience training and lots of exercise are the keys to having a well-trained dog!

Let me know how it all turns out for you!